Friday, January 25, 2008

My First Missed Connection

This weekend at dinner with friends I was the big ol' 5th wheel. Two butches, two femmes, and well, me. Like many people, especially in this city, my gender is more complicated on the inside than it may seem on the outside, but as with most things I tend to qualify as kind of a: yes, please, some of each and all of those, and..and..., mixed up, not easily boxable weird amalgam of genders. Think of a mermaid-cat with a curly French villain mustache and a dapper hat and you're close. So. Anway.

One of the femmes was Irene, who was proclaimed to have "porn-star hair" that night. It's fun watching her dimple dance while she blushes.
At one point during the meal the other femme turns to me and tells me she was perusing Craig's List Missed Connections at work and found an ad for a Miss Sadie that mentioned a play party and a scene with a submissive and I should check it out. I love this weird little world, where an in-person dinner conversation can lead you to your online CL stalker. We go both forwards and backwards and in swirling loops these days.

So at home I looked up my name under Missed Connections for the first time in some months, and, sure enough, pop comes an ad that really must have been written for me. It references a BDSM party at which I had a fantastic time last fall as well as some hints that were obscure enough that it took me another full day to remember who this person was. The timing also added another layer to the host of strange and unexpected messages coming at me from the past this last great weird weekend. We have since corresponded and I am very flattered.

But that's not the point. The point is, that after oh, say thirteen years of scouring missed connections, from the small print in the back of the Baltimore City Paper to the occasional traipse through Craig's List, fantasizing that there is someone out there, someone whose sticky mind is stuck on me, someone intrigued and interested and compelled enough to toss that message in a bottle out in the hopes that by slim chance or fate it'll end up on my shore....that one of many simple adolescent fantasies has actually come true. Oh happy day.
I'm quite pleased.

Maybe that means this will also be the year I *finally* get fucked in a graveyard. How many fucking goth clubs does it take to make that happen? Apparently more than I've gone to and sadly I stopped going. Years ago. Except when I travel of course, for some reason gay bars and goth clubs are both still interesting and more fun when in a different town. I always feel a little bit like a colonialist, turn-of-the-century anthropologist when I'm traveling and venturing to these exotic venues; one of the kinds of anthropologists that believed in order to fully
understand and document foreign cultures it is necessary to lay them or be laid by them. Not that that necessarily works, but hey, can't blame a scientist for attempting thorough research.

But back to Missed Connections. While I am super excited that it *finally happened to me* ( I feel a little like a middle schooler with her first menses, thrilled and just slightly disappointed) let it be known to future wives and courtiers that this does not mean that appealing to me through MC is now irrelevant or no longer necessary. There are still many points to be gained there, and this is for sure a good birthday/special occasion aide. Frankly, with all the people I've dated in the past and told about my dream of having my connection missed, I'm pretty surprised none of them picked up on that hot tip and got themselves tons of free, easily attainable credit and appreciation. Though if you are thinking about acting on this, remember: I don't check super often these days, so be vigilant.

Of course, there's always W4W....


Reg said...

Pretty lady Sadie,
I love the eloquence of your writing, its fucking poetry.
So, I thought I was the only scorpion who wished someone would leave her a missed connections, thought is would be great to make it in a grave yard (btw: you should see the grave yard in Milan, It. I would love to fuck while being pressed against one of those beautiful, cold, stone, marble statues), or feels like her gender is not as clear as her packaging advertises.
And as for that dating thing, I've found that hot, pierced, tattooed, artistic, non-controlling and half way sane femme's are a little scarce lately.
I'm hoping you are having finding your ‘Miss right’, in this plethora’s of miss right now’s, cause you are defiantly no 5th wheel, nor should you ever feel like one.
All hail the queen of the mer-cats!

Sadie Lune said...

Wow, thanks Reg. I love your stockings. And you know, flattery will get you everywhere.

Speaking of which, I've never been to Milan, but Pere Lachaise in Paris makes me swoon. Too bad for all the gendarmes....

Reg said...

Pretty lady Sadie,
Yes, red and black stripies make me very happy.
And well, being a Scorpio and all, flattery comes standard.
I love Milan and all of Italy not only because it is beauty and art but because the Italian people treat foreigners so well. And the art in the cemeteries are to die for, everything looked like it belonged in a museum.
I've been to Paris as well and I think I would have loved it so much more if I only could speak the language.
When I went with my friends, of course only one of us spoke French. Consequently I think we weren't received as well as we would have been if we all had been able to speak French (as oppose to Italy where they went out of there way to speak English).

And though I did not get the opportunity to go to Pere Lachaise but really I wish I had. It looks and sounds so beautiful and romantic, sigh...
Though I really did love the way Paris looked and want to go back there again. But when that happens I going with a girl, that hopefully can speak French, so I can experience all the things I couldn't with my friends. Shopping, sex, museums, cemeteries, eating, making out at every romantic arch, river, and lamp post. Sex, more shopping, more eating, more sex, museums, making out, lots more sex, shopping .....

My favorite places in Italy were Lake Como, Florance, Venice, Rome and Milan. They were all so beautiful and all were romantic, well maybe Milan a little less romantic that the other places but the cemeteries made up for it.

Yeah, I would love to travel to these romantic places again. But when I do, I'm going to go with someone who yearns and appreciate, what all these places have to offer, as much as I do. Well, and I would like to brush up on my Italian, cause it's been a while.

And as for all those poor gendarmes...
Are they all men or do they have female gendarmes too, cause guys are kinds yucky right now.
But by the time I find someone to go with maybe I'll have change my mind again, who knows...

Buona notte bella ragazza,

Sadie Lune said...

I forgot a few of the Mer-cats important accesories (for the full image):
1. Glitter deep red lipstick
2: A black leather singletail
3: A fancy cane