Thursday, April 17, 2008

Momma says....

Today during a scattered phone conversation with my mother she suggested I find someone (i.e. a partner) I can "do things with", in other words collaborate. Well, gee, why hadn't I thought of that? This whole time I've been hoping for a mate, but I should've been hoping for a mate *and* a co-producer. This is like the apple of knowledge as far as I'm concerned, most tantalizing and most terrifying. It's like the dirty fantasy I can't even really admit to myself I have.
Oh, what of the potential emotional carnage!? It's best not to envision. At this point, I will be pleased as punch if I find a nice wifey and some artist types who want to work with me and leave the rest up to.....well hopefully something with a good sense of humor.

On that note, I am jealous of and impressed as fuck by The Wasteland Comedy Hour, with T.S. Elliot which was directed last winter by my friend Jason in Boston. I always get a little envious when I see groups of collaborators that obviously work tremendously well together.
Someday, my collaboratrices will come.

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Joanna Barnum said...

I'm already somebody else's wife, but I'd be totally up for collaborating on something visual sometime. Or at least painting your portrait. Suddenly I want to paint portraits of everyone interesting I spent time with at PDF, and I'm kicking myself for not bringing my camera and taking photos.

PS You said it was Saturday you were doing Ren Fest? I realized that I have to be dropping off and then picking up my paintings to be harshly judged by the old ladies of the Baltimore Watercolor Society during the day on Saturday, but if you're up to anything in the evening I'd be up for being up to something.